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Sharon is passionate about real estate and focuses her efforts on offering her clients a superior level of service. She began her real estate career in 2016 and has been successful in helping numerous clients find their version of the “American Dream.”

Sharon’s career background offers a wealth of knowledge in multiple areas that enhance her ability to assist anyone with a new home purchase. She has worked in the corporate world for 20 plus years and has knowledge of corporate moves and what is involved in that process. She has taught at both the community college level and the high school level, so she understands the importance of school location in purchasing a home. She spent several years as a corporate trainer as well, so she understands how to take complicated processes and explain them in a less confusing manner. Additionally, Sharon has raised 3 children and had to move with them multiple times, so she understands how difficult, time consuming, and frustrating even the most exciting and dream fulfilling moves can become.

As a native of Davidson County, she enjoys helping other locals in their home search. However, as someone who has travelled outside of our lovely county and state, she enjoys helping others find what those of us from this area love: BBQ and Sweet Tea are just the beginning!

m: 336.909.4108

o: 336.600.1052

f: 206.981.4237