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Up to $8000 in First-Time Homebuyer assistance is available.

Today our newest down payment program has launched and is available state-wide for first time home buyers. 


The NC 1st Home Advantage Down Payment is an $8,000, 2nd mortgage at 0% interest. Below are the basic details on the program. 


Key Program Summary: 

$8,000 2nd lien; 15-year subordinate loan 

• Deferred years 1-10; forgiven at 20% a year in years 11-15. 

• Max sales/acquisition limit is $250,000 

• Income limits are gross, total household income and vary by county and household size (same as MCC program)

• Both new and existing homes are eligible 

• Available for all 100 counties – statewide 

• Max 43.0% DTI 

• Interest rate on 1st mortgage may vary daily; see daily for rates starting 3/1/2018 

• Must be a first-time home buyer or qualifying military veteran (non-active duty) 

• 60-day locks.